Robin Carnage releases the Gallow Swing EP

Robin Carnage aka Robin Daily just blew my mind.
I went and saw a banging trap set from him in nashville recently so I expected this EP to be somewhat similar to what I’ve heard from him previously.
Not even close.
I can’t even really define this what musical genre he exists in…
It grooves like hip-hop but it has a dark sentiment to it….
the textures and sounds used remind me of trap music, but with the deepness of many west coast musicians like nosaj thing and tycho.
The drums=phenomenal. So natural sounding and smooth… They almost breathe.
Some of the songs even have a rustic touch, like the mixtape is being played on vinyl.
This EP is something I instantly connected to.
It grooves but contains a much deeper melodic element that is almost pensive.
welp, I’m rambling…
Check out the link below to hear it for yourself.

Robin Carnage- “Gallow Swing” EP

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  1. September 8, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    Sweet looks really good!

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